With so many great bands out there today, it has become increasingly challenging to stand out and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of rock fans everywhere. Aeraco’s award winning music, charting topping songs and powerful shows have continued to help make a name for the Chicago based rockers. Combining old school 80’s metal with newer modern influences, their twist on hard rock brings an interesting experience to the table. The band has kept it straightforward by simply focusing on putting out kick ass songs with catchy hooks and memorable riffs while keeping old school alive.  Aeraco’s high energy shows, wild stage antics, comedic stage banter, guitar battles and constant barrage of powerful material quickly garnered them increasing attention all over the world.


Aeraco’s lead vocalist and co-lead guitar player was born and raised in Chicago, IL. It was pretty early in his life that he was introduced to old blues records. He grew up listening to classic blues guys like Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, B.B. King and many more. It was there that his love for music started. His curiosity was sparked after finding a bunch of vinyls and looking through them. It was at that point that he discovered bands like Queen, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin amongst many others.


Ace expanded his musical horizons shortly after getting his first guitar. “Things changed for me after I heard Randy Rhoads. Considering most of what I had listened to up till that point was blues, it was very different for me…I was definitely dead set on finding out how I could make my guitar sound that killer”, says Ace. He cites Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Synester Gates, James Hatfield, David Lee Roth, Billy Gibbons and Freddie Mercury as his primary influences.

After taking lessons for many years and going to college for music, Aeraco was formed. Ace was recruited into the band originally formed by Misfit and Spidey. Since then, he spends his time expanding his musicianship and diversifying his musical tastes. Ace explains, “I don’t like listening to the same things all the time. I love listening to metal and always will. Metallica, Ozzy, Def Leppard and ZZ Top are all bands I’ll always hold close... but I also enjoy stuff like Hall & Oates, Phil Collins and Depeche Mode.” Blues, Jazz, Classical and big band music are some of the other music genres he takes interest in.


On his free time Ace enjoys exercising, cooking/grilling, cheering on his favorite Chicago sports teams, shooting pool, beer tasting, collecting art, relaxing with his dogs/family and of course music. Chances are you can catch him hanging out at a speakeasy in Chicago when he isn’t on tour or at home catching up on family time.



Aeraco's lead/rhythm guitarist Spidey has always had a passion for music. His dad was in a band back in the 80's and that passion trickled from father to son. "I was surrounded by music my whole life".


"My dad and uncle introduced me to all types of music", says Spidey. He remembers growing up with rock, metal, blues and jazz always on rotation. Spidey was born in Chicago.


Spider started playing guitar at the age of 11. "My dad got it for me thinking it was a phase but I fell in love", Spidey recalls. He is a self taught musician and uses his feeling to help bring Aeraco to life.

Years later, the beginning of Aeraco was in motion. Spidey and Misfit went to the same grammar school were they both decided to team up. They played together for quite some time until they found the other pieces to the puzzle.


Spidey is the gamer in the band. On his down time, he favors games like Halo, Gears of war and Call of Duty. Outside of that, he enjoys cooking/grilling, having a few beers and spending time with family.



Also born in the heart of Chicago, Aeraco's drummer Misfit found his knack for music. He started playing drums as early as 7 years old. After choosing to commit to drums as an instrument, his father purchased a cheap starter kit for him to practice on. After years of listening to bands such as Black Sabbath, Kiss, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and Van Halen, Misfit has found his own rhythmic style. 

Misfit was constantly looking to take his music to the next level. So he decided to join forces with others to start a band. With his long time friend and guitar player Spidey, they both found Ace and recruited him to be the lead vocalist. Since then, they recruited Beast as the official Bassist and Aeraco was formed. "I was always by myself, just jamming to music for many years. Then I just so happened to find some friends along the way that had the same drive and passion that I did. It all just came together in the most perfect way", says Misfit.

Coming from a background of cover songs, the process of writing music was very new to Misfit. He explains, "In the beginning it was very different because I never wrote music before. I would just cover songs that other people wrote. Then when we started Aeraco, it opened up a whole new world of musical expression for me". He cites Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Joey Jordison, and Tommy Aldridge as his main influences. "I grew up listening to mostly classic rock and metal".

Aeraco's drummer is known to be a huge horror movie fan. He has starred in short films for fun, helped direct the bands music videos and has even starred alongside Ace in a short. You can catch Misfit on his spare time checking out movie premiers, exploring haunted areas and spending time with family.



Growing up on the south side of Chicago was not the best environment for learning to rock. Beast remembers his earliest memories hearing the sounds of "Proud Mary" and "Traveling Band" blasting away at holiday parties. Even though he was exposed early, he wouldn't begin to appreciate the genre until later in life. 


Beast became interested in playing guitar after seeing Angus Young perform at a live performance DVD of AC/DC. He would spend hours watching it over and over mimicking the greatest of moves with his air guitar. After many attempts at learning guitar, he found a fellow guitar buddy that needed a bass player for his band. Beast dropped some strings and never looked back. 

He auditioned for Aeraco in 2015 and was able to hit the ground running to deliver what the band needed in short order. Beast has spent his more recent years approaching more music with an open mind. His musical enjoyment comes from catchy melodies or...of course...that thumping bassline. "Anything with a good beat, that’s what I like."


Between touring and his side gig as a chippendale, Beast finds himself spending time with close friends and family, hitting the gun range, and tearing up the karaoke scene. He is an avid audio nerd and enjoys finding good eats around the city. Beast also has great aviation and automotive interests.