Aeraco’s New Album: "Baptized By Fire” Coming Soon

This year has taken us to so many places, introduced us to so many experiences and over all has been an incredible adventure. With that being said, we are excited to announce that we have been in the process of recording our sophomore album “Baptized By Fire” since August of 2016. We’re certainly eager to release our new material to you!

We are hoping to deliver something that we are calling “expectedly unexpected”. We have incorporated what we think of as our classic writing. It’s a pleasure for us to deliver cool rockers like “She’s Alot To Lose”, “This Life” and “You Won’t See Me”. So you should definitely expect some more material along those lines. On the other hand, we wanted to deliver something different. So, start thinking different craftsmanship, some synth and yep…our first rock ballad.

“Baptized By Fire” is also going to have a heavier side. We’d like to give you some material that has a progressive edge, heavier writing and slightly darker lyrical elements. So while we retain what we originally did with “All Or Nothing", it is our intention to deliver some material that extends beyond what we’ve previously done.

Stay tuned! We will have more updates coming your way!

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