Aeraco to Start Recording Album Three

It's been one hell of a year. We've had the chance to tour new places, make new fans and establish some really neat connections. With 2019 almost wrapped up and us gearing up for 2020, we wanted to give all of our fans an official update.


We will be touring full swing as we usually do in 2020. We will stick around mainly in the mid-west and continue to sink our fangs deeper into our home turf. There are some great bands that we are planning to team up with, tour alongside and continue to make that magic happen. So, fear not! We intend to record and tour simultaneously.


Now is an excellent time to let the cat out of the bag. We are currently in the "pre-production" phases for recording our third album. As always, we feel great about this one but... we also feel different. We are all in mutual agreement that we want our third release to be our best yet. With that being said, we are going to be doing quite a few things differently to ensure that we give our fans the best music we can give right now. This goes for the media side as well. We are going to step up our game in regards to not only the music but also the music videos, our style and our level of dedication to our craft.

Final Thoughts

Music means the world to us and we know it means the world to you. Music raised us in a way so it only makes sense to give it everything we've got and up the game on every level. Album three is going to be a big moment for Aeraco and we hope it'll be something our fans will enjoy for a long time.

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