"Aeraco Wins "Best Rock Entertainer" at CMA's 2016"

The music business is tough let alone pursuing ones dreams of becoming a great musician. Countless hours of song writing, recording sessions that seem to last an eternity, endless amounts of time on the road touring… all this for a dream. Every band can relate that it is a tough gig. They can also all agree that it is a gig totally worth it. The fans screaming, the thrill of being on stage and the overall fulfillment of doing what you love all contribute to the “musical career masochists” who choose to fight through the losses to bring home the W’s. What serves as a certain affirmation to all this is being nominated for “Best Rock Entertainer” by the Chicago Music Awards.

Aeraco got the nomination in 2016 for the year 2015 and were definitely flattered to get the call. “I was in disbelief. We all felt so honored to be nominated and we were so excited for the red carpet. It felt like it was the first of many great things to come,” says Misfit. Things didn’t stop there… Aeraco brought home the award to their fans that they dub “the outlaws, bandits and public enemies”. Misfit recalls how he felt after receiving the award saying, “When they announced us as the winners, we didn’t know what to think. Our family and friends cheering us on as we took the stage to accept the award was surreal. It was definitely a milestone in the history of Aeraco”.

Perhaps it was the moment that caught everyone’s attention. Maybe it was the feeling in the air. It may have possibly been the electric circulating through the entire event. Or maybe it was the fact that Misfit decided to recite a poem directly out of Caddyshack as his acceptance speech. Either way, that evening was a proud moment for Aeraco and their fans.

Even after winning, there isn’t any fist pumping around these parts. When asked what’s next the boys seem pretty clear that they’re not taking too much time to celebrate. The bandmates are more focused on releasing their next album and giving fans everything they’ve got. Misfit said it perfectly when he explained, ‘Our plans are to go all the way. Go for bigger and better things. We want to get our music in front of as many people as we can. This definitely isn’t the finish line for Aeraco”.

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