"Back With Vengeance Tour: A Look Back at 2016"

It was January of 2015. It was cold, snowing and Chicago traffic proved that once again weather would not stop its wrath. With a tight budget, 16 hour recording sessions, broken limbs and minds half gone Aeraco recorded their debut album. After a year of playing in their region, they set a goal for 2016…they wanted to tour nationally.

With their first national tour now under their belts they can reflect and use what they learned to give fans something bigger, better and more chaotic come next tour. Traveling the country and playing iconic venues was a milestone for the band. “It was the best time of my life. Getting to play in LA, Vegas, Denver, Michigan… I mean the list goes on. Plus, playing at venues like The Whisky A Go Go was a proud moment for us as a group and myself,” Spidey explains.

It’s clear the guys are excited to finish up recording and hit the road to promote their new album “Baptized By Fire”. “I couldn’t be more excited about our new material. Our fans come out to have a killer time with some loud metal and drink some whiskey. Our new material facilitates one hell of a time and attracts some of the best people we’ve met. I can’t wait till they hear the new stuff,” says Ace. The band has come across some of its proudest moments while on tour and is excited to relive some of them. “Hearing the audience go crazy after we play our material is a feeling that you just can’t quite put into words,” says Spidey. Having people cheer for you, sing your music in unison and become a fan is an incredible experience. Who can disagree with that?

When asked what the boys have in store for next year, they plan to tour again with dates coming soon. Spidey says, “I’d love to go back to where we toured this year. Everyone was so supportive and truly loved what we do. Even so, of course we are going to have some dates in cities we’ve never been”. Aeraco plan to release their album later this year with tour dates for 2017 following shortly after. Stay tuned for more info.

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