Brian Gardner Masters "Baptized By Fire"

As we come closer to setting a release date for "Baptized By Fire", we are thrilled to have Brian "BigBass" Gardner set to master our sophomore album. Brian is a Grammy award winning mastering engineer and has also been nominated nine times. With a career lasting many decades he has established himself as one of the most respected mastering engineers in the world. To have someone of his caliber attached to our work is an absolute pleasure which definitely multiplies our excitement to have our fans hear what we've been working on.

At a young age he started his career off at Century Records, then RCA Records and eventually went to Fantasy Records during the height of artists like Creedence, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. Brian has worked with many artists/projects including David Bowie, The Beach Boys, Gemini Syndrome, Eminem,, Suicidal Tendencies, Kendrick Lamar, DMX, Rush, Transformers Dark Side of Moon soundtrack, Snoop Dogg, Seal, Parkway Drive, No Doubt, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Mana, Outkast and many more. He has worked on multiple recordings since the mid-1960's ranging in genres like classic rock, pop rock, alternative rock amongst others.

"Baptized By Fire" will be released later this year via Dark Star Records in association with MVD and Sony Music Entertainment. Stay tuned...