What They're Saying

We're so humbled by the responses we've received thus far when it comes to "Baptized By Fire" and we truly thank everyone. We have had the chance to tour and promote the album and our fans have really enjoyed the way the new songs transpire live. The energy is off the charts and new fans have been more than happy to join the ranks. Again, thank you!

With that being said, we thought it would be nice to compile all of our favorite quotes from the reviews that have come in on our album. This is something we'd do under any circumstance but the fact that people are responding well, fans are loving what they're hearing, critics are digging the music and more momentum has certainly been gained is a humbling experience. We are grateful and will continue to kick ass. We will be posting more tour dates soon so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite pieces of feedback:

"As catchy as the flu but far more fun, It’s a riff-tastic opener that sets up this 13 track album perfectly."

-Games, Brains and a Head Banging Life

"Whichever way you look at it – top to bottom, inside out, or dissected into a thousand parts – this album is a 100% stone cold killer." - Decibel Geek

"Aeraco are masters of delivering melodic hard rock, full of catchiness and sing a long style choruses, they will, wherever they play, get the party started." - Frenzy Fire

"With killer guitar riffs gracing every song mixed with a strong percussion section and powerhouse vocals Aeraco is proof the true rockers are alive and well in the industry." - Side Stage Magazine

"Chicago based hard rock band, Aeraco, know how to throw down some serious smack down when it comes to rocking out the masses." - Hardcore Henderson

"Aeraco may be one the best American hard and heavy rock bands you've never heard of." - Dangerdog

"They are pure oxygen for classic metal die-hards and a must listen for anyone even remotely interested in the genre, rarely missing a beat to bring us a flawless 60 minute experience which is sure to be the envy of many heavy metal bands in 2017 and beyond!" - Metal Worship

"What Aeraco do so well is combine all of their different influences into enjoyable and light-hearted rock songs that effortlessly get at the essence of what this kind of music should be – fun, entertaining, and catchy." - Wonderbox Metal

"Overall Aeraco’s album “Baptized by Fire” is a really good mix of new rock/metal with some throwbacks to the 80s metal scene. The production is perfect, the vocals are stellar and the band just rocks this album from beginning to end." - Empire Extreme

"This is a band that takes everything great about rock and metal and moulds it together, there is a timeless sound with them and it is just really good fun to listen to...." Stencil Magazine